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Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

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    Origin:  Germany
    Botanicals:   Total of 47 botanicals including berries, citrus fruit, fruit, herbs, juniper, pepper, spicy
    Alc: 47%
    Size:    500ml


    Monkey 47 Dry Gin is made from 47 botanicals which include locally grown specialities as well as exotic herbs- demonstrating the spirits wide range of flavour influence. The botanicals are combined with spring water from a distillery in the Black Forest. Monkey 47 a refreshing, citrus flavour, and boasts aromas of flora with hints of peppery spice and subtle bitter fruits.


    Best Served
    Gin & Tonic
    Black Forest Martini


    2011 World Spirit Award Gold in the category Gin
    2011 International Wine and Spirit Competition London Gold for “Best Gin World Wide”

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