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Serafino Orenji Project - Orange Wine

Serafino Orenji Project - Orange Wine

  • INFO

    Region:  McLaren Vale, Australia

    Vintage: 2020

    Grape:   Pinot Grigio, Gewurztraminer & Vermentino

    Style:   Orange Wine

    Size:    75CL


    Serafino Wines  comissioned local South Australian artist, Sarah McDonald, has captured the amazing coast line of Fleurieu Peninsula, using laywering technique to capture colours, light and freshness. The inspiration for this modern aromatic Orange Wine is driven by building natural laywers of flavours and complexity through vineyard selection, grape varieties and winemaking techniques. The wine maker has created a fresh and engergetic Natural Wine, with laywers of flavour including mandarin, orange zest and ginger.  

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