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Frogmore Creek’s winemaking approach has been to "let the fruit do the talking". Their wines are fruit-driven with only enough additional intervention, oak particularly, to provide subtle complexity and enhancement to the basic fruit flavours. Generally, they do not promote malolactic fermentation in their white wines, which means that the fruit flavours are prominent and acidity remains relatively high. Both these factors mean that the wines are clean, fresh and tight in structure. They believe that such wines go very well with food and age elegantly over a long period. Reds are made with conventional hand plunging in small batches or pumping over in larger quantities. Pressings are important to final wine structure and are always included. Similarly to the whites, the reds are fruit driven with French oak treatment intended to be just sufficient to provide balance and complexity.

42˚S is the central latitude of Tasmania this name reflects their position in crafting fruit-driven wines from grapes sourced from throughout the state. The island state hosts several unique viticultural sub-regions, each area performing differently to climatic variations over the vintages. This wide-ranging scope in grape supply allows them to make outstanding Tasmanian wines every year.

*5 Red Star Winery by James Halliday.


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