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Moores Hill Estate is a boutique family operated wine producer located in the beautiful Tamar Valley, Tasmania, which specialise in estate grown single vineyard wines of depth, quality and personailty.

The tiny vineyard is located on a beautiful northeast-facing hillside near the sleepy town of Exeter. Established 13 years ago Moores Hill is an ideal location to plant grapes. The site is at 120m above sea level and is part of a ridge system that rings the valley floor below giving the site good aspect, elevation and drainage.

“By necessity we believe in small batch winemaking at Moores Hill as a way of maximising quality and complexity in our wines. This strategy is supported through a programme of multiple small picks that means we can sometimes pick a whole block or a single row depending on flavour and physiology. This philosophy allows the vineyard to fully express itself.” – Julian Allport, Winemaker of Moores Hill Estate.


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