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F&W Pairing - Salmon Gravadlax

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Salmon gravadlax - a classic Scandinavian cured salmon dish, it looks absolute Christmassy. This is a super quick simple recipe but definitely blow your guests away, both appearance and taste!

Again, there are many versions of gravadlax recipe and this is mine. I am using beetroot which gives a beautiful purple red rim to the salmon; and we will need plenty of salt & sugar to cure the fish (Don't worry, you are not gonna eat the salt & sugar).

Of course, we have prepared our wine selections for this dish:



300g filleted side salmon, sashimi grade

1 large fresh beetroot, peeled and grated

1/2 orange, zest of

1 lemon, zest of

60g coarse sea salt

40g demerara sugar

2 handfuls of dill, chopped

25ml gin

Black pepper, freshly ground


Sour cream, 2 tablespoons

Wholegrain mustard, 1 teaspoon

Dill, chopped

Fresh lemon juice, a quarter of lemon

Black pepper, a pinch


1. In a big bowl combine the pepper, grated zest of orange & lemon, chopped dill and grated beetroot; stir in the salt & sugar. Pour in the gin and give it a good mix.

2. Spread 1/3 of the beetroot mixture in the bottom of a glass dish or baking tray in a line about the size of the salmon fillet. Lay the salmon on top, spread and rub the remaining cure onto the fillet. Wrap clingfilm over the salmon and place a heavy weight on top, (A chopping board with few cans on top or an empty casserole pot)

3. Refrigerate for 1-2 days.

4. Take the salmon out of the fridge, discard any liquid that has seeped from the cure and carefully unwrap the clingfilm. Scrape away the beetroot cure and rinse with drinking water (a glass will do); dry with kitchen paper.

5. The salmon is perfectly cured and ready to serve - Thinly slice the salmon and place the way you like; you can sprinkle some dill and lemon zest on top.

6. To make the dill mustard sauce, whisk together all ingredients and serve.

*You can serve the salmon gravadlax as a starter or finger food snack. For a starter, it can be served with lightly dressed crunchy salad and bread; Or with blinis, you can then top with the mustard cream, salmon and dill to make it a beautiful finger food.

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