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The Aromas & Flavours of Wine

This picture is very interesting, educational and easy to understand for those of you who interested in wine tasting! This picture shows the basic "Smells & Tastes" you can get from the most common wines, which is very helpful and fun to read. For the others who are not interested in learning about wine can still read and play it as a game, see if you can smell or taste any of the ingredients showed here in your glass of wine! You will get excited and addicted to this game when you found more and more flavours in your glass!

很有心思的構圖, 望住呢幅圖學品酒真係有趣易明得多! 當然裏面包含的"味道"是基本, 大部份酒都會有, 但不同年份地區酒莊釀酒師等等都會有些微變化。這圖對初學品酒的朋友很好很有幫助且構圖有趣, 沒興趣深入了解葡萄酒的朋友都可以當作遊戲玩玩! 品嚐一下你的那杯酒有沒有圖中杯中物的味道, 搵到嚐到的時候你會有成功感, 興奮甚至上癮!

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